In My Realm of Flowers

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyMaya Hed Photography
ArtistMaya Hed
CreditMaya Hed
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Seasonal colors of the night - inspired by my garden. My garden is my haven, it is the place where peace finds me and my spirit is at ease as my creativity comes to life. The energy, movement and vivid colors of the flowers create an environment where I feel most at home. I am delighted to share this magical place through this series of photographs. My intent was to capture the enchanted moments of growth that occur when everything seems still. At night my garden has a different energy than the day and the surreal beauty of the night awakens in a place disconnected from the world outside.

Maya Hed was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Israel in the late 90s, where she studied at the Kiryat Ono College of Photography.Maya specializes in portraiture, especially series of photographs captured over time. She uses natural lighting to capture genuine, raw emotion, and tell the subject’s story through their portrait.Maya showcased three solo exhibitions at the Israeli Opera,Hava Rosenberg gallery & Scots Hotel. Her work has appeared in print in several magazines and books.Maya also has extensive experience with film, and works as a freelance documentarian based in Tel-Aviv.