A sea of arches

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistAnn Petruckevitch
CreditAnn Petruckevitch

This image is a homage to the English photographer, Frederick Evans, his approach being one of perfectionism in representing architectural forms without the need to modify. It abstractly explores the arches of Truro cathedral as they weave and overlay one another in this 2-dimensional photographic representation. The solid curved nature of the brick work columns form continuums of light and shade as they emerge from the ground to the ceiling, representing the true anatomy of the building, respectively.

I use an array of techniques including camera-less, analogue and digital media, respectively. My photographic projects originate from a desire to invite the viewer to witness some of the subtle unseen details of their environment. I am constantly striving to observe and form my own unique frame of the visual situation laid out before me using colour or black and white photographic processes, studying the subject matter and seeking out its visual interpretation beyond what is represented through the lens; very much an evolving process shaping context to produce more ethereal type imagery.