HANGUL character pattern typography

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyKorean Cultural Center OSAKA(JAPAN)
Artistki-young AN
Design TeamGraphic Art Course Laboratory(KINDAI university)
ClientKorean Cultural Center OSAKA /KINDAI university(JAPAN)

A typographic work for an exhibition of traditional character patterns with Hangul(KOREA) characters as a motif. This is an auspicious character pattern with a design motif such as the auspicious characters "happiness,luck, wealth, health ...". The style is a proposal that assumes the use of POZAGI and hanging scrolls in daily life as the style of the CHOSEON Dynasty (15th). This is a collage work using HANJI (Korean traditional paper). This exhibition is a special exhibition of Korean culture PR of Osaka Korean Culture Center in Japan. 2021:LICC Shortlist/GOOD DESIGN Awards(USA)Winner

Born in South Korea, graduated from KEIMYOUNG university, came to Japan in 2000. 2003 graduated Master course at the University of Tsukuba 2006 graduated doctoral course in design at Tokyo University of the Arts 2005 Part-time Lecturer, University of Tsukuba 2006-08 Lecturer, Kyoto Saga University of the Arts 2008- Associate professor Department of Arts, Faculty of Arts and Letters, KINDAI University 2016- KINDAI University professor