Moli·Puyu Fine Dining

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyJingle Design
Artist Bo Zhou; Yuyang Cai
Design TeamNa Cao; Yuanyi Zhu; Yilong Xie; Liutong Song
ClientMoli Brand
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Located in the bustling Mixc in Shenyang, China, Moli·Puyu is the sixth boutique Cantonese restaurant owned by Moli brand. The rattan and lustrous crystals and jades invite us to go through ancient China via shadows. Multi visual effects and private dining experiences are offered with space's efficiency fully considered.Inspired from traditional Chinese banquet culture featuring tender affection of hosts to guests rather than rigid dogmatic rules, the designers endeavour to enable both guests and hosts to thoroughly enjoy themselves in Moli·Puyu with serene, poetic and elegant oriental beauty.