EMISOO Beauty Salon

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
Companythe One Design
ArtistLiang Wang
Design TeamCan Jin ; Zhibin Xie; Aidong Xie ; Xia Zhang
ClientGuangzhou EMISOO Group

Located in Zhujiang New Town CBD, Guangzhou, it’s built in 1980s with a strong Lingnan culture. As the owner favors expertise, artistry and elegance over worldly aesthetics in the space, the designers have worked hard to preserve the building’s original appearance as much as possible with pure white and the grey of plain cement as the base tone by eliminating redundant decorations without the fussy and stylized furnishing techniques. Together with modern steel plate materials, stained glasses and abstract artworks, the space thus conveys the beauty of the conflict between the new and the old.