YUN SENSE, Foshan, Guangdong

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyMore Wonderful Design
ArtistYirong Yang; Meijun Cheng
Design Team Zhanhao Li; Xinyuan Li; Hairong Wu ; Tanzhen Kang; Xiaobai Wang

The entryway shows its role as an expert in food and soup. The brand's visual impact on guests is improved by means of deconstructing the traditional Chinese character "cloud" on the signboard. Walking inside gives you a sense of entering a calm private home where the bustle subsides and your body and mind turn home. The space structure retains a sense of strength under warm lights. Guided by the idea of “Preserve Health and Nourish Heart”, it strives to offer city dwellers a serene oasis where art and elegance merge and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture of healthy eating.