PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistBernd Schirmer
Design TeamBernd Schirmer, Co-Photographer: Sascha Safdar-Götz, MUA: Jennifer Brachmann
CreditCo-Photographer: Sascha Safdar-Götz, MUA Jennifer Brachmann

Old Master Painters Series Circe, or Kirke, the ancient Greek sorceress reinterpreted based on Homer's Odyssey. She drives sailors crazy with her song and beauty. Circe I worked with a lot of symbolism: Empty bottle - Message in a bottle, symbol of a message, of a journey that is being started In this case it was my journey, because it was the first picture after my “apprenticeship” and the beginning of my work. - In the image content, the empty bottle stands as a symbol for misfortune, loss, longing o Circe drives the sailors to ruin, to misery