Tissue Resection Power-Assist System

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyMetal Industries Research & Development Centre
ArtistTsai Tung-Lin / Kuo Yur-Ren
Design TeamKuo Yur-Ren, Meng-Ta Chen, Chia-Chen Lee, Huang Jun-Syue, Tseng Chun-Chieh, Chen Chun-Ming, Wang Pei-Hua and Tsai Tung-Lin for Design Team
ClientKaohsiung Medical University & E-Ben Technology Co., Ltd. & MIRDC, Taiwan
CreditMIRDC & Kaohsiung Medical University
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The world's first Tissue Resection Power-Assist System, simple beauty ,safe and promptly.Combining the tool design of low resistance and high cutting efficiency with the rapid suction device, it can simultaneously shave and suction tissue to achieve minimally invasive, rapid, and safe surgical results. Meanwhile, the efficiency of removing cancerous tissues during the surgeon's operation can be improved, increasing the success rate of the operation.Shortening the duration and reducing the risk of surgery during the COVID-19 epidemic has led to easier and safer surgery.