Memory cards

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyAlena Grom
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During the Russian occupation of the city of Irpen, soldiers on the Alley of Heroes shoot away portraits of fallen soldiers in the East of Ukraine. The Russians were aiming at the memory of the Ukrainians. Memory is not material, it cannot be destroyed. Every blow to Ukraine seems to create a hole in a punched card. Russia leaves holes not only in destroyed houses and cities, but also materializes the code of memory — a message for future generations about Russian aggression. We remember. Perforated card (perforated card, from lat. perforo — I punch and lat. charta — papyrus sheet; paper).

I work at the intersection of conceptual photography and social reporting. The themes of work were life in the front-line territories, military everyday life, the life and lifestyle of immigrants and refugees. By creating a series about the war, I tell the world about the problems of my native region, eastern Ukraine, where hostilities have taken place since 2014. The focus is on ordinary people who find themselves in difficult social and political conditions. My photos are an attempt to look at war differently, stripping it off the pathetic patina of a defense mission or heroic struggle.