The God of All Things

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyUlka Chauhan
ArtistUlka Chauhan
CreditUlka Chauhan

Flowers and firecrackers, incense and oil lamps, clapping and chanting, faith and frenzy; and larger-than-life idols take centre stage on Mumbai's streets like a theatrical tableaux on Ganesha - The God of All Things. There is no containing the immensity of devotion for the elephant headed, pot bellied God when it is time for Ganesh Chaturthi. Faith spills out into the streets and sweeps the city in a surge of festive fervour. God of All Things is a photo exploration that spotlights the cultural practice of idol worship and the resulting environmental aftermath.

Ulka Chauhan lives and works between Zürich and Mumbai. Her photo stories and interviews have been published in Leica International, Leica Switzerland and Leica India blogs, print magazines, as well as in arts / humanities / photography websites. She has participated in exhibitions in Zurich, Mumbai, Venice and Treviso. She is an active member of the Swiss Street Collective and a co-editor of its blog. She previously worked in advertising at Young & Rubicam on Madison Ave, NYC and at Rediffusion Y&R in Mumbai before embarking on her journey into photography.