Pedro, a sculptural microcement ice bucket

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyIsabel Francoy
CreditNacho G. Riaza

"Pedro" is a micro-cement bottle cooler stand that contains design, art and architecture, innovating by applying a construction material into product design. This functional sculpture completes the mise-en-place ritual and combines usability and aesthetics. This ice bucket comes to life around your table, achieving the perfect marriage between design and gastronomy. Its ergonomic design characterises it for its easy assembly; self-supporting structure without mechanical joints, and to solve the problem of storage; detachable set, easy to handle and stackable.

Architect & Designer based in Barcelona. Her work merges usability with aesthetics in every facet of the space, thus creating a holistic experience. Her aim is to achieve the perfect habitat offering people the highest level of comfort in their most intimate and personal space.