PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
ArtistIsabel Francoy & Sonia Michalopoulou
Design TeamIsabel Francoy, Sonia Michalopoulou
CreditAlba Ricard
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“Zaida” is a sculptural table enhanced by natural interaction with the surrounding light; a symbiosis that makes each space unique, provoking different sensations and emotions. Smoothly carved in alabaster in an artisanal way, each piece is endowed with a unique and non-transferable personality. The essence of Zaida is the combination of its organic form with alabaster, emphasizing the simplicity, luminosity and subtlety of each piece. Alabaster, natural and translucent stone, an exclusive and sustainable material, enhances the particularity of each Zaida, since each piece is genuine.

Si.Atelier are Isabel Francoy & Sonia Michalopoulou. Isabel and Sonia met during their Art and Design studies at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. Seven years later, they met again at a random airport in Greece. Since then they have been in touch again and have collaborated on several projects. During the Coronavirus lockdown they took advantage of their free time, creating their own range of functional art with natural materials, Si Atelier.