“The Diamond Tower”of Zhuhai Guowei Central Plaza

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyEn-Visions Associates (EVA) ARUP
ArtistMeng Liu
ClientGuowei Group Zhuhai Weixing Industrial Company
Video URLView

The world’s first vertical entertainment skyscraper complex, 238000?,350-meter high, fully offset-core structure sustainably designed for a massive flexible, effective and eco-friendly commercial space. The building possessed the shape and façade through diamond cut geometry design elements, has the world’s highest facilities with an overhanging infinity snorkeling pool affiliated to a gem museum trading center on the top and the tallest panoramic elevator directly links to the semi-opened arcade in-between the ground detached podium, it’ll be the tallest landmark in Zhuhai-Macau bay area.