Refreshing Allure

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyYu-Ho Interior Design
ArtistCarol Cheng
Design TeamEric Wu

The soft and beautiful Morandi green hue looks like lake water, lucid and charming. The pastel color and balmy timbers emit a natural, fresh vibe of Nordic style. Adhering to the design theme of broadening space, we ingeniously plan the project to meet storage needs and visual comforts. For instance, we set up a multi-functional room, which connects with the living room and dining area, skillfully creating an open, spacious public domain.Thence, successfully bringing diversified possibilities to satisfy the family members' life.

Y.H Interior Design sincerely creates the peaceful and comfortable residences. We refine the skillful techniques and creative designs to non-stop practicing the company tenets. Employ the exquisite details and concise crafts in the commercial space and residential buildings to draw out the gorgeous, pure, and artful circumstance. Accompany with our customers to bring their dreams come true from the ideal blueprint planning, hence, successfully exhibit the appealing charm of the project!