Light paintings

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyGianfranco Merati Studio
ArtistGianfranco Merati
CreditGianfranco Merati
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In '20, a group of scientists managed to produce matter through the collision of two powerful laser light sources. In this project, rather than combining light beams to obtain greater energy, I break them up, opening the doors to the unpredictable. This process allows me to use light like brushes. The resulting images have a three-dimensional property: different colours of light appear to exist at different levels of depth. Ultimately my light paintings are a metaphor: the universe functions on fields and energy. Light can be interpreted as both, with which small miracles can be achieved.

Gianfranco’s motivation as a photographer is that ‘beauty is everywhere’. He seeks to reveal it. Gianfranco’s focus is abstract photography. Exploring the complex geometry found within nature, he has created many photographic series including projects revealing patterns within melted sugar; magnetic fluid ‘pulled’ into rippling miniature landscapes; and the delicacy of flowers encased in ice. Using both high-tech methods and innovative use of basic means, each final image is exacting and verging on the unreal. This, despite the fact that Gianfranco does not manipulate his images digitally.