Time Capsule

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyShanxiang Design
ArtistChun-Chih ReX, Huang
Design TeamShan-Hsiang Alan, Hsieh

The bright beams of light like the shooting star lead the way home in the night; imaginably welcoming people back to the space capsule in the universe. We adopt pure white and ultramarine blue color schemes to manifest a secluded space where the spacecraft stay. And take advantage of balmy solid wooden veins to harmonize the chill, rigid stone and metal. In addition, install strip lights to draw out dynamic features in the space, design bold geometric-shaped settings, and arrange multi-functional equipment, accomplish a stylish residence with both science fiction and agreeable charm.

(/shàn/) means mountain; Steady as mountains, a design of a comfort space. (/xiàng/) means lanes; As the importance that lanes to the cities, where we start our path steps by steps; therefore, we always keep the persistent original intention in mind. We are well-experienced in all sorts of space design such as, personal residence and commercial space planning. Whether it’s a renovating for old houses or an astonishing idea to a commercial exhibition booth. Through the fine landscape outline and functional storage into consideration, we guarantee to bring a balance harmony into your life.