PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
University/SchoolUniversity of applied photography
ArtistFleur Louwe
CreditANONYMOUS MEMORIES | The friction between anonymity and self exposure - Fleur Louwe
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Series Anonymous memories represents a collection of photos which display the friction between anonymity and self exposure. This theme can be related to several illustrious figures from history. They can be perceived as naked (exposed) and anonymous at the same time. Women, each with their own story.

My focus has been on autonomous nude photography for the last several years. In my opinion autonomous photography is about more than just aesthetics. Each image has a substantive deeper layer, which on one hand deals with my personal feelings and thoughts, and on the other hand, highlights socially relevant themes. In this sense the works are not only connected to me as a creator, but also to the uninhibited observer. The open-minded viewer can make associations with his/her own stories and recognise themselves, loss themselves, or find themselves in my artworks.