Sanxia conservation institute

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyYuandao Architecture
ArtistLuo Bin
Design TeamLuo Bin, Lan Jing, Li Juan, Xu Wei, Tan Yi, Yu Jiaqi, Lai Zhisheng, Zhou Jian, Zhang Yong, Mu Weijie, Zhang Jian, Qiao Sen, Liu Chao
CreditTriangular Prism

The design of Sanxia conservation institute based on interpretation of "gorge" concept, will be building, streamline, create a canyon, internal freely crisscross, space is rich and changeful, under the principle of "potential" up to the mountain, to the best of minimizing damage to the original topography, geomorphology, reasonably use and retrofit terrain, buildings conform to the contour line layout, reasonable use of ground elevation difference for building layout design, And create a square platform and transportation system in line with their own site factors.