The boundry of life, in front of it.

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
Companyhaimos pictures
ArtistHwan Kim
Credit@Hwan Kim
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In Korea, even in modern civilization, there are many rituals that can be said to be the prototype of ancient human culture. Among them, there is Shamanism (called Kut in Korea). This photographic record is a very rare rite, and it is a rite to do good deeds in this life while alive and go to a better world after death. Through this photographic record, you can get a glimpse of the life and death views of the primitive humans.

Photographer Image Artist Born in Seoul, Korea. Current residence California, USA April2001 ~March 2002 Japan National Museum of Ethnology Study for Anthropology Film Visiting researcher. Osaka, Japan Exhibition experience 1) 1997' 2nd Gwangju International Biennale. Special Exhibition Shamanism Exhibition Slideshow Gwangju, Korea 2) 2022'Finalistes Prix Off 2022-Arles Expo arles exposition Arles, France 3)8-30 August Summer show 2022 Art Mora gallery NJ, U.S.A