BASTARD - in love with working (wolf)dogs.

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistKarolina Baranowicz
Design TeamMichal Malkowski, Tomasz Baranowicz
CreditSIMPLY WILD, malkowskifilm
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Clip promoting the SIMPLY WILD product line designed for working dogs. BASTARD products are designed for special tasks. Resistant to weather conditions, scratches and damage. With reinforced fasteners, brass trim, hidden rivets and the and a buckle, which meets the highest safety requirements - used in military equipment and climbing. Plus, hidden places for locators, permanent embroidery, vegan leather and satin vinyl. BASTARD is a northern and minimalist design for dogs with the highest demands. The video shows the brand owner working with two her wolfdogs working daily as detection dogs.