Alchemy of Life.

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyGianfranco Merati Studio
ArtistGianfranco Merati
CreditGianfranco Merati

In this project I use various chemical compounds mixed with liquid colours to create abstract art pieces. The result is a collection of surreal ‘reactions’ portraits. Some may remind us of famous paintings such as Munch’s or Klimt’s and others resemble surreal colourful cloud formations. Ultimately these images are a metaphor of our lives: it is healthy to experiment and sometimes open the door to the unknown. Although some results will not bring us anywhere, others may help us discover and create new impressions we didn’t imagine were possible.

Gianfranco’s motivation as a photographer is that ‘beauty is everywhere’. He seeks to reveal it. Gianfranco’s focus is abstract photography. Exploring the complex geometry found within nature, he has created many photographic series including projects revealing patterns within melted sugar; magnetic fluid ‘pulled’ into rippling miniature landscapes; and the delicacy of flowers encased in ice. Using both high-tech methods and innovative use of basic means, each final image is exacting and verging on the unreal. This, despite the fact that Gianfranco does not manipulate his images digitally.