Shaer Mohammad Para Jame Mosque

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
Company3 Points Consultant
ArtistTapon Kanti Sarker
Design TeamMd. Tanveer Hasan , Md. Mithu Hosssain
ClientMA Sabur
CreditMaruf Raihan / Corpovisuals
Video URLView

The idea is to design an open and transparent space within a basic form where people can find peace and relate themselves with their surroundings. Being a coastal area the mosque is designed on a raised platform. The main hall is open and transparent where the windows flood the space with daylight. Repetitive vertical walls cut the glair while jail wall filters light. A double height volume with glass roof is created at the area for Imam and mihrab which visually connect the upper level with the lower and invites sky and rain and creates a sense in the middle of the limit and infinite.