Fragrant Hill Cultural Park Exhibition Center in Xiaomo by Shenshan Overseas Chinese Town

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyShenzhen Cube Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd (Cube Design)
ArtistHuikang Qiu
Design TeamAnan Duan,Yuanfu Zhu,Weidong Bao,Ruoyi Liao,Xu Du,Xingde Cai,Yang Hu,Wenying Gu
ClientShenshan Overseas Chinese Town Investment Co., Ltd. in Guangdong

We have built a fun "gate": The main body of the exhibition hall rises high up in the air with the mass of the lobby of the exhibition hall on the side of the park's main entrance as the fulcrum, stretching over and across the main entrance and gently overlapping with the extended part of the hill. Ascending step by step along the main entrance and going around the back of it gives one view of the sloping plate extending from the roof of the exhibition hall to the platform, forming a fully three-dimensional spatial connection with the hill.