The Most Colorful Cannabis Beverage on the Shelf

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyMAMUS Creative
ArtistJohn Mamus
Design TeamMasako DiDio
Video URLView

The brand Klaus is a visual metaphor for Klaus the drink and Klaus the German gnome, born in 1851, whom the drink is named after. As our visual mnemonic, Klaus the gnome brings the brand to life. The original pattern and color story was inspired by 1960’s Brazilian textile designs; the trippy lines of Roberto Burle Marx’s Copacabana sidewalk design; and the joy of life. One of the main design intents is inclusion: anyone 21+ years of age can be our customer – Gen-Z or Boomer, new to cannabis or not. There’s no defined target audience. The alignment of the product and the branding is absolute.