In the footsteps of Angela

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistCarine Van Gerven
Design TeamCarine Van Gerven and Philomène Reynders
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The series ‘In the footsteps of Angela’ shows the evolution of Flemish education from 1920 to 2020. In 1920 the Ursuline Sisters in Overpelt founded the first school for secondary education for girls. Until then, most girls stopped education after their elementary school to go to work. Secondary education for girls was initially mainly aimed at educating them to become good housewives. Cooking, washing, ironing and sewing were the main subjects on the program. Time changes, boys enter the school, discipline changes,...

Carine Van Gerven, official FEP art photographer from Belgium, takes inspiration from 17th century paintings, like Rembrandt. Carine Van Gerven (b. 1966) studied art and painting. Connecting people through art and creating projects is one of her goals. After her graduation, she became an art teacher in a secondary art school in Overpelt, Belgium. As an artist, she organised several projects and participated in many exhibitions in Belgium and France. Her works were exhibited in Saint-Tropez and Belgrade.