PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
ArtistErika Nojiri
CreditErika Nojiri

The painting means the strength against the social labels like “you look tough. I can say any strong words” for women. I use the gold lines as scabs to express that we are getting the strength while overcoming the past hurts. The yellow numbers and metal bolts express defined mass of the value judgement. They will be fetters for the women be going to go on. That means “the fixed ideas make it difficult for persons to go on and being positive.” The two eyes are seeing the prejudices calmly with hiding her past hurts. She uses such ridiculous things rather than accepting to opened way.

My theme is the strength of women overcoming their past. It is an image of a woman who has freed herself from her past and ties. It was the unnaturalness of Japanese society, which places too much emphasis on group consciousness and cooperation until 2021. That is not enough importance on the individual. I overlap my past relationship with the society. I have no good romantic memories. I thought I had to be the image that he wanted. A man forced me to have intercourse. It took a long time to overcome that. From my experiences of business and the relationship, I express the strength of women.