dancing in the dark

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistMichela Moreschini
Creditmodel Agnese Riccitelli

A dancer, an abandoned place consumed by time. Dance, which is the art of altering emptiness, which is an eternal attempt to deny death, brings life back to the empty rooms of an ancient villa deprived of their splendor by the passage of time. It brings joy and consolation in the melancholy of abandonment, an example of the transience and fragility of all things.

I travel, I shoot, I love to say that I have lived. Photographer for book’s covers, industrial photography, photographer for art galleries, fine art and portrait photography, set photographer for dance and music shows. Personal exhibition "Indizi sul Corpo" with nude photography, held in 2017 with the patronage of the Municipality of Cologno Monzese (Mi) and photographic analysis by Nello Taietti. Administrator of Glamour and Fashion Facebook group.