Tiny Club House

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyA+ Architects
ArtistHoang Kha Vu
Design TeamTu Phan Nguyen Truong, Kinga Tomalak, Nguyen Thi Lan Anh,Le Anh Huy, Le Quoc Kiet, Ho Ngoc Bao Vy
ClientNha Nhim Homestay
CreditAplus Architects

The Clubhouse is located on a camping site at the back porch of the homestay chain. The image of flickering campfire wood has since become an ideal source of inspiration. We are always looking for a design that is both intimate, connecting people to people and between people and places. Bringing a cozy feeling to those who come, sit back inside it. Tiny Club House is a practical design based on real needs that inspires us to spread the message of respecting the context, whether it's just a small project or just a certain space.

Aplus Architects pursues a design philosophy that is sustainable, strongly local, immersed in nature, and inspired by indigenous and environmentally friendly materials. Especially the spirit of “up_cycle”, giving old materials and old space a second life has always been considered the mission of Aplus architects.