PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
ArtistFlavio Castro
CreditAndré Mortatti
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Like a metallic container placed above exposed concrete walls, this house establishes two types of relationship with the surroundings. The upper floor can be closed 100% to block sunlight, guarantee privacy and acoustically isolate intimate spaces. But, if chosen, the facade opens at strategic points for lighting and ventilation. The ground floor, in the opposite way, opens up to the garden a fluid way. The notion of inside and outside is weakened by the large glass openings, while the furniture establishes a harmonious dialogue between architecture and the Brazilian design of the pieces.

Flavio Castro had the opportunity to start designing and building early, with only 20 years old. Flavio defends that practical experience completes academic theory, and has always worked in these two areas, with experience in architectural firms inside and outside Brazil. After three years of Masters in Barcelona, he returned to Brazil and settled in São Paulo, founding FCstudo in 2009. The collaboration system that exists within the office allows a constant exchange of information among professionals who join the team depending on each project´s demand.