“DiaMosque” A pre-fab Refugee Community Center

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyAntistatics Architecture
ArtistMo Zheng & Martin Miller
ClientTurkish Refugee Community Center
CreditAntiStatics Architecture

The DiaMosque designed with the intention of being reconfigured in the context of a Turkish Refugee Camp, utilizes motifs of traditional mosques in order to be familiar to its users. While refugee camps have put much emphasis on providing shelter the DiaMosque acknowledges that shelter satisfies the needs of the body, without necessarily addressing the needs of the mind and the soul. One dramatic advantage of the woven strip system is that it is easily transported due to the highly packable nature of the strips. Additionally, the fabrication information is embedded within the material itself.

AntiStatics Architecture is an international creative Architecture and Design studio, founded by Mo Zheng and Martin Miller based in Beijing and New York. We focus on innovative design utilizing cutting-edge digital tools and advanced fabrication to develop elegant solutions. The office is driven to provide innovative architectural solutions looking to advanced computational tools to find new material efficiencies and user integration. Our work includes master planning, architectural design, interiors, art installation, stage design, and cutting edge technological research.