“Accumulus” Silicon Valley Light Tower

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyAntistatics Architecture
ArtistMo Zheng & Martin Miller
Design TeamLuke Theodorius EDS, Yasser Hafizs, Christopher Beckett, Arthur Yang, and Annie Liu
ClientSan Jose Light Tower Corporation
CreditAntiStatics Architecture
Video URLView

The world’s great architectural icons emerged at the confluence of technology and design, pushing the boundary of what was possible in the creation of iconic form. As the birthplace of computational thinking, Silicon Valley deserves an icon that reflects its rich history of technological innovation. Accumulus establishes a new paradigm for the interdependent understanding of form, structure, materiality, and performance through use of cutting-edge computational design. With a more contemporary paradigm of humanity and nature coexisting, it encourages the natural ecosystem within the structure.

AntiStatics Architecture is an international creative Architecture and Design studio, founded by Mo Zheng and Martin Miller based in Beijing and New York. We focus on innovative design utilizing cutting-edge digital tools and advanced fabrication to develop elegant solutions. The office is driven to provide innovative architectural solutions looking to advanced computational tools to find new material efficiencies and user integration. Our work includes master planning, architectural design, interiors, art installation, stage design, and cutting edge technological research.