PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
Companysanzpont [arquitectura]
ArtistVictor y Sergio Sanz Pont
Design TeamVictor Sanz Pont, Sergio Sanz Pont, Álvaro Licona, Valeria Gómez, Eder Jafet Hernández, Ali García, José Rodríguez, Leslye Cruz, Daniel Badillo & Ana Cristina Avilés. Líder de Proyecto: Valeria Gómez
Creditsanzpont [arquitectura]
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With 20 levels and 204 apartments, WOHA is designed to create a community in harmony with nature through an efficient and bioclimatic design. It promotes energy savings, low resource consumption, and avoids the extra cost of daily living. The project has two parking levels, an amenities floor, outdoor areas, 19 levels of apartments, and a roof for green energy generation. The design concept is based on 3 main axes: 1. Efficient and functional design. 2. All units must enjoy a view of the Caribbean Sea. 3. Sustainability and energy savings through a passive bioclimatic design

Victor and Sergio Sanz Pont, twin brothers and co-founders of sanzpont [arquitectura], with offices in Barcelona, Cancun, and Chicago. They see architecture as functional art that adapts to the site throughout BIOCLIMATIC. With several international awards, their design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation and showing respect for the environment. Álvaro Licona, partner and co-founder of Sanzpont USA, is based in Chicago. Also, the co-founder of a real estate company specialized in developing contemporary spaces in Mexico City aimed to provide a meaningful experience.