Mies Bench

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
ArtistFlavio Castro
Design TeamFlavio Castro
CreditPedro kok
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Year: 2021 | Materials: Marble + Steel | Dimensions: 135 W x 40 D x 45 H cm A reference to the Barcelona pavilion, designed by the German architect Mies Van der Rohe, the Mies bench is composed of cruciform pillars in polished stainless steel and a travertine marble surface. The proportions and materials used in this design follows the same line of thought as the one we use in architecture, a posture defended by FCstudio in this and several other creations.

Flavio Castro had the opportunity to start designing and building early, with only 20 years old. Flavio defends that practical experience completes academic theory, and has always worked in these two areas, with experience in architectural firms inside and outside Brazil. After three years of Masters in Barcelona, he returned to Brazil and settled in São Paulo, founding FCstudo in 2009. The collaboration system that exists within the office allows a constant exchange of information among professionals who join the team depending on each project´s demand.