The Sounds That Surround Us

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
University/SchoolBudapest Metropolitan University
ArtistZina Szabadszállási-Tóbi
Design TeamOrsolya Poppre, Photo by: Janka Gabriella Nagy, Models: Colette Niki Nagy, Attila Márk Joó, MUA: Dorina Kovács
CreditPhoto by: Janka Gabriella Nagy, Model: Colette Niki Nagy, MUA: Dorina Kovács
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In my accessory collection "The Sound That Surrounds Us", I experimented with creating structures that form sounds in response to movement or various external stimuli. I was inspired by the Foley Art art sector, which in filmmaking creates a reproduction of everyday sound effects with objects that you wouldn't think of, from this idea I created surfaces that obscure the sound-forming objects, thus referring to the mystery of the art sector and tricking the human senses. From these, I created various masks for sound reproduction. With my collection, I wanted to reflect the COVID-19 pandemic.