Internationale Congress Centrum Berlin (ICC Berlin)

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)

ICC Bln (Architects: Ralf Schüler, Ursulina Schüler-Witte) Monumental in its size, futuristic in the shape and material of its façade. Built at the time as the largest and most modern congress centre in Europe, the ICC offered a glimpse for many years of visions and possibilities that still lay ahead. Today, abandoned and disused, it resembles a time capsule at the kerb of the A100 city motorway. Shining in the sunlight, the aluminium façade with its struts looks like a protective bulwark against the urban changes. But time neither stands still nor holds back, but leaves its mark.

In March 2017, Berlin-based "mxprivé" started his Instagram account. Originally conceived as a food account, the imagery was soon to play an important role. The set up is always minimal so as not to distract from the food or the respective dish. mxprivé pursues the desire, through its purist-aesthetic visual language, to bring the characteristics (colour, structure, consistency) of the food, the product to the fore and in this way to achieve more awareness and appreciation for the food, the dish and the cooking craft in the viewer. But - Food is not his only passion!