Series "Inspired By Someone Else'S Home"

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistNataliia Hresko

The series "Inspired by someone else's home" is a continuation of the series "From routine to inspiration, from fear to faith". Escaping from the war, I was to go to Europe with my children. Looking for shelter, we changed cities, apartments, several times. Vegetables, fruits, household trinkets, toys I combined in the composition in every home. Now these are reflections about a peaceful life, about the high value of ordinary things that imperceptibly created everyday happiness: play with children, traveling, family dinners and communication with friends. Now this is painfully lacking...

I live and work in Kyiv. Studied in the `Kyiv School of Photography` In a year of learning, I developed expertise and discovered a fascinating world of art photography. I was studying aesthetics and composition under the mentorship of a renowned Ukrainian photographer and art expert - Dimitri Bogachyk. Photography for me is one of the ways of self-expression. It is full of freedom to express, create and inspire. It is as a way to capture a moment, embrace it with my vision and evoke deep emotions in the viewers and allow them to feel the harmony within the scene.