Beyond the Obvious

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistTracey Jones
CreditTracey Jones...Beyond the Obvious 5

My obsession with colour, shape and composition is how these images were formed. The original photos were part of a series of minimalist architectural photographs I had captured, that I had begun experimenting with…they formed the base to carry the added colours and shapes to emerge as an entirely new artistic design. The combination of photography and the grouping of the added shapes and colours adds another depth to these images.

Where I sit presently in my photographic journey is a culmination of a life that has always been involved in some sort of artistic outlet...painting, drawing, graphic art etc...and now I am able to combine what I have learnt through these other mediums and apply them to help shape, develop and refine the manner In which I express myself through photography. The content of my work is hopefully being able to project how I perceive the be able to see the beauty in what others may see as see colour, light and shade in a completely different way. This journey has no end.