Memories of Past Conflict - WWII and Now - Still Remembering

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistPamela Hanlan
CreditHanlan - Flesh and Bone

This past spring we visited Normandy.Although my father didn't go in on D Day he was there.I wanted a real feel of the history and I imagined walking where my father and many others did. It all looked so peaceful.I could,however,imagine the feel of past and present. The church where soldiers were once treated and died, there is now the color of flesh and bone.Where horses are running, bombs were falling. Where the waves meet, there are now barriers.Communications were made differently.Where soldiers are buried,there appears a portal to the heavens. I discovered where even nature weeps.

In my lifetime I have been daughter, sister, wife, mother, empty nester, grandmother, great grandmother, widow and partner. Never in those years was I a photographer. Although my chapters of life have been many and varied, I have always seen stories in the world around me. And I have those memories stored away and ready to be retrieved from the depths of my mind. Since I have been on my journey to learn photography I now have a way to tell those stories. A new chapter.