Australian Muslim History Gallery – Islamic Museum of Australia

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyArterial Design
ArtistJan Nowell
Design Team Nick Lawson, Sandun Jayasinghe, Michael Maginness, Brodie Lowe, Alberto Ledesma, Varshna Dhamodaran
Client Islamic Museum of Australia
CreditTania Jovanovic
Video URLView

The Australian Muslim History Gallery digital upgrade was an opportunity to celebrate the interplay of physical artefacts and their digital augmentation, with face-to-face interactions with notable Muslim personalities within the wider community and myriad moments of self-discovery and visual abstraction. Our process involved aligning curated museum content to the web and local curricula, as well as creating immersive digital displays and environments. We placed an emphasis on revealing and celebrating the perhaps lesser-known contributions of Muslims to Australia’s history.

Our core business is to design unique experiential spaces that are immersive and highly interactive to bring stories alive and evoke an emotional connection to place. We respond to the client needs and engage fully with each community to deliver a visitor journey of discovery in public spaces, exhibitions, interpretative design, play spaces, wayfinding and visitor destinations – in doing so, Arterial is committed to embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the pursuit of truth telling, healing, understanding and reconciliation for the broader community.