Highbrow Charisma

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyTien He Design Interior Decoration Co., Ltd.
ArtistAllen Hsiao

The beautiful sunshine pours into the gorgeous house. The homeowners gently lean on the soft window couch and immerse themselves amidst a rich scholarly atmosphere. We opt for clear white and pastel blue paints to space off each functional area and bring fresh, agreeable looks.Looking around, the clear white and pastel blue color scheme sets a harmonious tone and complements classical moldings and trims, artfully fashioning an elegant, serene, homely residence.

We practice spiritual principles and unity with people to found the design studio. Follow the natural laws and assemble the design talents from various fields to plan the spaces. Hold the proprietors' hands to fulfill perfect and reassuring projects that meet the corresponding relationship between humans and the environment. With rich industry experience and unchanged intention, we commit to providing comprehensive and considerate services, including architecture, interior planning, and engineering management, accompanying the property owners to receive every dream come to fruition.