A well-lit charming abode

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyDay-Oh! Design
ArtistHsing Yang, Sami Yang

Soft sunlight pours into the room and complements clear lighting, flowing on the asymmetrical-grained marble TV wall, brightening the elegant gray-white palette and wooden tone space. The sleek arc linear features artfully go with the steady black and brown furnishings. Brilliantly, accomplishing a firm and settled home full of humanistic implications. We plan an open-patterned public area to meet the homeowners' expectations of a "roomy space"; and opt for transparent figured glass to bring spacious visual effects.

Quotidian affairs are all related to design. We adopt people-oriented as the begin-finish themes of planning. Pay attention to humanized design, creating agreeable spaces with homely and comfortable ambiances. Reveal design aesthetics amidst different lifestyles, making people enjoy soaking in the serenity and depicting the true meanings of life.