Awakened Spirit

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyChisun Interior Design
ArtistLin Yen Chun

We take "water-like women" as the inspiration in designing. Exploit linear features and lighting arrangements to metaphor the soft feminine posture and skin texture and reveal the natural and whimsical characteristics of "beauty." Moreover, adopt various gray shades to present vivid ripple-like patterns, echoing changes in mood and appearance. Step by step, as if into the physical and mental exploration journey. The virtual inner feeling caters to the authentic external space and brilliantly transforms and blooms enchanted looks.

Chisun design upholds the spirit in "Communication, Control, Connect, Cooperation and Challenge"; complies with the central notion of "people-oriented"; implements the management mode of "humanized"; and integrates the ideology into daily life. Create from the perspective of the clientele. Wishing by way of each inter- communication that brings about collaborate of the two parties; and with the persistence of each time to establish mutual trust of both sides, so as to achieve the ideal and demands of our clients.