Architectural Impressions

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
ArtistPeter Hammer

Architects often use creative ideas when designing buildings. This series looks at a variety of buildings and other subjects and puts my interpretation on the subject. The result is often far removed from what the original subject is and can become quite surreal like a building wearing a belt or a building sprouting or even a building morphed into a quasi lightstand. While normally in a series one tries to have similar colour palettes and formats for each image, I deliberately kept the building colours original and also the formats to fit the image.

Peter used to work as an electronic engineer/IT developer but now spends his time working with photography interspersed with travel. His interests in the photography field range from landscapes, street photography through to fine art and creative image making. Peter's travels have taken him to all 7 continents and around 40 countries.