'Second World War Galleries', Imperial War Museum London

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyRalph Appelbaum Associates (RAA)
ArtistPatrick Swindell and Sarah Pollard
Design TeamPhillip Tefft (Director), Patrick Swindell (Project Director), Sarah Pollard (3D Designer), Caroline Sjöholm (3D Designer), Mat Mason (2D Designer), Helen Schulte (Content Developer), Sadie Levy Gale (Content Coordinator)
ClientImperial War Museum London
CreditRalph Appelbaum Associates / Andrew Lee
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As the Second World War and the Holocaust passes out of living memory, Imperial War Museum London (IWM) is the first museum in the world to have both dedicated Second World War and Holocaust Galleries. These monumental new Galleries help ensure that experiences of wartime generations are never forgotten. RAA developed the SWW Galleries alongside the designers of the new Holocaust Galleries to ensure a unified and coherent approach to interpretation. RAA’s design broadens IWM’s traditional story by emphasizing the global nature of the conflict and its enduring impact on Britain's role today.