PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyDiver Conscious Fashion In International Co.
ArtistChing Ying Huang
Design TeamAmber Huang
ClientTIMU Aqua
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TIMU has been striving to present details in a perfect way, devoted to enhancing beauty. Be it materials or the way its modeling accentuates one’s figure, it never follows fashion trends blindly but dedicates itself to refinement and uniqueness that can make people proud of themselves, thereby making every soul shine with their own exclusive beauty and confidence. TIMU sticks to its brand spirit of incorporating sustainability into its designs and does its level best to take its production from nature, use it in nature, and return it to nature.

TIMU is a sportswear brand founded by a Taiwanese girl who loves free diving. In order to increase the selection performance of water clothing in Taiwan and improve the quality of design, we decided to create our own brand, design, research and development, and participate in the process of all material selection and production. This all started with a love for the sea.