PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyHuaxi Design and EMO
ArtistWanqi Gao, Xiancai Bai, Chunhui Zhao
Design TeamBaoqiang Zeng, Sha Su, Yuqing Qiu, Fake Shi, Jinlong Song, Daqiang Jia, Xiangyu Yuan, Qiang Xie, Xiaopei Zhai, Yixian He, Yuan Tian, Yingzhu Yin, Mingjiong He, Zhongying Zhang, Binjiang Du
ClientChengdu Chengtie Huasheng Real EstaAte Co., Ltd. (CRCC)
CreditDoubleJie Photography Studio

With 12 large flat floors in the sky and 84 sets of exquisite courtyards mixed at random, encloses the layout of the high-rise buildings, overlooking the twists and turns of the deep street style courtyards scattered, filled with the sense of spatial hierarchy and the advantages of modern living. The purpose of destylization is to establish the future and sustainability of architectural style in the region. Therefore, the most simple means in design are adopted as the focus of research and design. Order, ranks, pure color, complete form, golden ratio and so on are the main language of design.