Linyi City Bookstore

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyShenzhen Sfung Design Consulting Co., Ltd
ArtistJin Yunxi, Zhou Zhisen
Design TeamZuo Zhibing, Cai Gengzhong, Xu Wei, Liang Yanmei
ClientLinyi Branch of Shandong Xinhua Bookstore Group Co., Ltd
CreditWang Xiaodong

Investigation revealed that there is still possibility for growth in this 16-year-old structure. It still lacks a sizable activity area despite being such a sizable cultural complex. The conditions on the roof allow for the introduction of a sizeable quantity of outdoor space, enhancing the interaction between internal and outdoor spaces. Consequently, the designer makes a central courtyard on the roof. Several pavilions in the form of glass boxes are arranged around the courtyard's trees. Each pavilion has the potential to function as a training facility and to communicate with the courtyard.