Turquoise Color

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyKate Hrynko
ArtistKate Hrynko

Color is often the main reason why an individual is attracted to a specific object. Fashion without color is like a dark room, where physically all objects are colorless. My photograph series shows how important is specific color: a minimalistic look creates a remarkable artistic vibe of calmness and tenderness. The details are full of certain magnetism.

Kate was born in 1989 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2012 graduated from Université d'Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand I, in France, with master's degree in Management. In 2021 obtained a Ph.D. in international economic relations at Kyiv National University of Trade and Economy. Photography has been her hobby since 2010 when she bought her first digital reflex camera. During 2021-2022 she studied at the Kyiv School of Photography. Since 2022 photography has been her main occupation.