The crucial 96 hours

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyHufax Arts / Fjcu
ArtistFa-Hsiang Hu
Design TeamAlain Hu, AART
ClientDing Ding
CreditThe crucial 96 hours

A book that records and describes the true story and rescue and recovery process of a senior professional surgeon who was in a coma for 96 hours in the consulting room. Publishers hope that books are not only descriptions and records, but also make readers feel the power and warmth of life. Our viewpoint is: life is like flowers. The crucial 96 hours is equivalent to four days and four days and nights. This process of rescue and recovery is a matter of every second, as if he were running in a tunnel and saw a sunbeam and a beautiful flower at the exit at the far end.

Fa-Hsiang Hu is a designer, creative director and educator. He is an assistant professor of Department of Applied Arts at Fu-Jen Catholic University and also is Director of Taiwan Graphic Design Association / Director of GDA-ROC Association / Director of Taiwan Posters Design Association and Executive Creative Director of Hufax arts.