Watercolors series

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyOlena Zubach Photography
ArtistOlena Zubach
CreditWatercolors series

While working on the "Watercolors" series, I explore color and form by immersing flowers in water.It's amazing what beautiful photos you can create with flower movement and camera exposure.I started working on this series 3 months after the war in Ukraine began.These flowers represent my inner feelings about uncertainty of future for me and my family.Nothing is real at this moment, everything becomes so fragile..The flowers from this series emphasize the attractiveness of the life, its beauty and undoubted value, no matter what.

Olena Zubach is an art photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. She graduated from the Kyiv School of Photography in 2021 and ever since she is exploring the still life genre of photography. “I was fascinated by the world of art photography after getting acquainted with the works of the most famous artists. Through my art experiments, I discovered that with the capabilities of my camera I can get a photo visually very close to the painting. I like to immerse myself in the world of painting in this way.